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The following was shared with Chasing Jade Horizons by Cristin Cahill, LCMHC. Cristin is a currently a guidanece Counselor at Hollis Brookline High School in Hollis, NH.

During these challenging times, here are some skills you can use to manage the range of emotions you may be feeling. These can be remembered using the acronym IMPROVE.

I- Imagery: Create a visual image of a place that is calming and peaceful. This place can be real or imagined. Use all of your senses to create as much detail as possible. What do you hear, see and smell there? What does it feel like to be there? What are you doing while you are there?

Imagery can also be imagining things going well, such as envisioning yourself responding skillfully to a situation. This can prime your brain to recreate your imagined experience when you are in the actual moment.

Imagery can also be remembering a time when you did not feel the way you do. This helps us remember that emotions are temporary and not permanent. They are like visitors who will eventually leave. I personally like to bring myself back to a fond memory.

M- Meaning: Find meaning in the pain. This can be challenging, yet, it helps to remember even in hardship we can find some positives. You might find that people are reaching out to you more, which help you recognize how many people you have to support you. This will not take away the sadness felt from the changes you are experiencing; however, it does create more balance in our emotions.

Sometimes, you might not find meaning in the moment but possibly you will in the future. For example, perhaps you will find that people enjoy more meaningful connection after we can spend time together again.

P- Prayer: No matter what your belief, the concept here is to connect to something greater than yourself, in order to recognize that life is much bigger than the moment you are in. Some people find this comfort and strength in their religious beliefs, while others find this in nature and the world around them. Imagine laying outside and looking up at the sky and comparing the vastness of what you see to your own small place in this world. Watch the clouds shift and change as a reminder that things are not constant, and will change.

R- Relaxation: This can come in many forms. You may choose a breathing exercise or progressive muscle relaxation, you might take a warm bath or shower, or do some stretching exercises. Do something that eases the tension in your body.

O- One thing at a time: When you are feeling overwhelmed be mindful to only focus on one thing at a time instead of thinking about everything that is happening around you currently or could happen in the future. Practice saying to yourself “right now, in this moment, this is what I can do”. Creating a daily schedule for yourself can help you focus on the moment and create a sense of daily purpose.

V- Vacation “mini”: Take a mini vacation from your life. Escape into another world through literature, a movie, exploring places you might like to visit, or go on-line and virtually visit different places.

E- Encouragement: How can you offer yourself some words of support and encouragement? Some examples of this are “this too shall pass”, “I have dealt with tougher things than this”, or “I know things are challenging right now, and, at the same time, there are many things I am grateful for”. Create a list of things you are grateful for, each day. The idea is to find some words or phrases that feel genuine to you and offer you some support. You can also find encouragement through others, every week I see so many wonderful examples of how people are supporting each other!

Adapted From: Linehan, M., M., (2014). DBT Training Manual. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.

Orange Theory Fundraiser – August 25, 2019

On Sunday, August 25 at 11:15 Board Member, and fitness coach, Jennifer Brennan led an Orange Theory class at the N. Manchester location to raise money for Chasing Jade Horizons. It was great day and a successful fundraiser. With the funds from this event and our previous events we were able to donate $2000 to Making Community Connections Charter School, Manchester campus, to provide mental health training for both students and staff.

Presidential Traverse Fundraiser

On July 4, 2019, Co-Founders, Allison Spencer and Rob Huckins traversed the entire Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to raise awareness for youth mental health in our state. They were joined by Zack Stone and Connor Boyle and began in the early, pre-dawn hours with Mount Madison and from there headed to Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower, and Pierce before decending via the Crawford Path. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts!

1st Peak - Mount Madison
Mount Washington
7th and final peak - Mount Jackson

Mount Washington Climb

On February 14, 2019, Board Member Ann Melim headed up Mount Washington to raise money for Chasing Jade Horizons. It was a cold day with 50 mph winds. Ann made it to Lion’s Head before making the tough decision to turn back. Ann raised more than $5000 for Chasing Jade Horizons. We are so thankful for her efforts and support!