Our Mission

Co-Founders Rob and Allison Huckins

Our young people need help in becoming aware of and improving their mental health. American youth are deeply affected by numerous problems connected with mental health but resources to help them get better are limited. So is awareness. New Hampshire is no exception to this growing trend and as public educators in the Granite State, we see this in various ways every day. One in five young people aged 13-18 nationwide suffer from some form of mental illness (National Alliance on Mental Health). Suicide is the second-leading cause of death of youths aged 13-24 (NAMH). Half of all mental illnesses manifest themselves by age 14 but the average delay between the onset of symptoms of a mental illness and intervention is ten years. These are sobering numbers (NAMH). They are also unacceptable.

Chasing Jade Horizon’s mission is helping New Hampshire’s young people gain increased access to mental health education and assistance while expanding its awareness to new audiences across the state.

Through our passion for the outdoors and general wellness, we are working to do our part in making mental health better for young people all over the state. We believe with proper funding and increased education regarding mental health, things will get better. By helping to connect young people to the resources they need and improving their understanding of mental health as a whole, life can get better, both for our youth and those who love them. It takes time but it’s worth every effort. Help starts at home and we are working to do our part to improve mental health for our young people here in our own state.