Statement on INCLUSIVITY

Over the last few months, communities across our country have experienced numerous demonstrations in response to the lack of fairness and equity for all Americans regardless of the color of their skin. For our young people, “Black Lives Matter” is the most strenuous social movement of their lifetimes, one which firmly establishes and supports the need for more action, more conversation, more resources, more of everything connected with making our nation a land where EVERYONE is presumed equal and worthy of respect and the rights and privileges of being an American. Chasing Jade Horizons unequivocally stands with the “Black Lives Matter” movement and those who continue to fight for these ideals every day. Our organization firmly denounce racism, discrimination, and prejudice of any kind. These elements serve to divide, not unite, our society and Chasing Jade Horizons pledges itself as an ally in the efforts to turn back these toxic factions, including its support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

African Americans suffer grave socioeconomic inequities in comparison to other demographic groups in our country, factors which cause significant disparities in accessing all kinds of health, economic and social resources. This, of course, includes the area of mental health, an area of particular neglect in the African American community. According to a recent study, African Americans are far more likely to see a mental health condition as a personal weakness rather than a medical diagnosis. African Americans are more likely to attribute mental health issues to physical problems, such as dismissing what could be depression instead with complaints of persistent bodily aches or pains, for example. African Americans also are at greater risk of health care provider bias and misdiagnosis in critical areas. On top of this, over eleven percent of African Americans in our country have no form of health insurance. These factors have critical and often devastating effects on New Hampshire’s young people of color, especially in the area of mental health.

These issues demand attention at the local, state and national levels, and New Hampshire is certainly no exception. Making progress in these areas will perhaps be our biggest test yet as it requires introspection, understanding and most importantly, a willingness to change. Through its continued efforts in New Hampshire and various partnerships with other like minded organizations across the state, Chasing Jade Horizons pledges to do its part in this important cause of continued support of ALL our young people in their need for resources to improve awareness and education of mental health.

Chasing Jade Horizons strives to model inclusiveness and respect for all people and stand with those in New Hampshire who strongly denounce racism and share our desire to offer an inclusive community based on our shared values of respect, dignity and fairness. We all need to do our part in making our New Hampshire communities welcoming for all people and embrace our diversity as a strength rather than a weakness. For Chasing Jade Horizons, help starts at home.